Printech Archives, March 1997: Alternative Solvent

Alternative Solvent

Kirk Nofzinger (
Wed Mar 12 16:08:37 1997

We are working with an automotive glass manufacturer who screen prints a frame around the windows as well as
identification information on the glass. They predominately use a lead frit based ink or a silver based ink. Solvent soaked
rags are used to remove excessive ink from the screens, remove ink from poorly printed glass, and for general clean-up.
After the glass is printed it is fired or tempered.

The manufacture wants to find an alterative solvent. Currently they are using a butyl alcohol / butyl acetate based
solvent. They are concerned with their current solvent's low flash point (flammability) and odor that creates employee
complaints. Any suggestions?

Also the manufacture sends their solvent soaked rags to a fuel blender. They have tried to find an industrial laundry but
none will take the rags because of the lead content. Any suggestions on a laundry service who would be willing to clean
their rags?


Kirk Nofzinger



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