Printech Archives, March 1997: Re: Sales/Marketing Techniques for Waste Reduction

Re: Sales/Marketing Techniques for Waste Reduction

Robert Gifford (
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A couple of thoughts on this.

SHWEC addresses some of these job design / customer interaction
issues in the video and notes for Module 2 of the Green and
Profitable Printing series. Specific issues discussed there include:

* Ensuring good comminication with customer re. color
specifications and then ensuring process control measures get you
there without wasted labor and materials.

* Developing options, and providing pricing incentives, to encourage
customers to make specification choices that help you reduce
wastes/emissions. For example, General Litho Serviuces (GLS) in
Minneapolis offers customers a discount if they use recycled black
ink; this helps GLS reduce costs, reduces the customer's costs, and
allows customers to get PR points on use of recycled ink. Other
options mentioned include offering small-job customers encouragement
/ price break to select ink from existing, opened inventory, and
discussing use of coatings.

GLS mentioned that they provide environmental training for all their
sales staff, so that they can help customers make approriate

Many of the job design issues are discussed in the guide that the
Minnesota Environmental Initiative put together for the Great
Printers Project.

> Our company is a member of PIASO and we are working with PIASO
> to develop an environmental pollution prevention techniques manual
> for lithographic printers in southwest Ohio. Much of our focus has
> been on very specific printing process techniques and alternatives.
> However, I would like to include a section on "sales/marketing
> practices" that can contribute to waste reduction in the printing
> process. For example, salesmen utilizing a standard checklist to
> ensure that all of the customer/paper requirements are identified
> and confirmed prior to first production or improving communication
> systems of customer specification changes. Has there been any
> guidance, publications, technical papers, etc. on this issue? It
> seems that a great deal of paper waste, labor waste, etc. can be
> prevented up front. Thanks in advance for any input.



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