Printech Archives, March 1997: Re: Vapor Barier Paper Recycling

Re: Vapor Barier Paper Recycling

Wayne Pferdehirt (
Wed, 5 Mar 1997 15:15:53 CST

I am forwarding this response from Jeff Adrian to the list. Looks
like Printech's first waste exchange just happened!

Congrats to Jeff, Scott, and all the other Printech contributors.


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3/5/97 2:55 PM


John Roberts will use the vapor barrier kraft as an underlayment to
stock placed on pallets. Our experience has been that pallets often
contain some moisture, either because the wood itself isn't fully dry
or because of condensation from shipping via truck, and this moisture
can spoil stock placed directly on the pallet. It turns out that we
have been using a similar material all along, so we're glad to have
this made available to us at no cost.

I must say that reading everyone's input on this subject shows the
depth of creative solutions for reuse! Everything from donating to
Habitat for Humanity to squeak-free wood floors!

Hope this explanation is useful, and thanks to everyone for their




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