Printech Archives, March 1997: Re: Vapor Barier Paper Recycling

Re: Vapor Barier Paper Recycling

Tom Blewett (
Wed, 5 Mar 1997 11:06:38 CST


Another thought related to my previous suggestion regarding the use
of the vapor barrier in building insulation. Another application
that could use the roles with little waste is in wood floor
construction. I have used the same technique that contractors have
used to reduce wood floor creaking by laying down overlapping sheets
of butcher paper on the underlayment. Tongue-and-groove flooring is
then constructed on top of the paper. The paper layer acts as a
lubricant between the two wood layers in the floor and eliminates
floor creaking. Again I would urge contacts to contractors or
construction trade groups to find users.

Tom Blewett



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