Printech Archives, March 1997: Re: No Smoke Inks for Wallpaper

Re: No Smoke Inks for Wallpaper

Debra Kramer
Wed, 5 Mar 1997 09:47:27 +0000


Here's some key information for Tara's inquiry.


From: Tara Vizzi[]

The inks are water-based and used in a screen printing operation
(Polytex, SunChemical). Some additional info:

This smoke (stack emissions) has not been tested yet. However, we know
that it is not water vapor. Most likely it is condensing organics. DEP is
allowing this P2 effort to continue for now. The company is currently
under their 2nd extension for a submitting a permit to the state. The step
they are on is to find the ink that generates the least amount of smoke, then do
stacktesting, then see if they still are exceeding the 20% opacity limits for PA.

Thanks for the help.



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