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Re: Solid waste questions

Wayne Pferdehirt (
Tue, 28 Jan 1997 10:07:54 CST


Many if not most states have programs that can assist businesses with
finding markets for materials. Here in Wisconsin, SHWEC's market
specialist is Mary Kohrell(414-465-707) at UW Green Bay (that's Green Bay as in
Superbowl Champions). Mary tracks markets, who's buying what at what
price, and helps businesses connect.

A good source to check with for state-specific contacts is the
National Recycling Coalition (NRC), at 703/683-9025.

There is a waste exchange service on the World-Wide Web at:
Recycler's World
The ability to move materials through a service like this depends a
lot on amount of materials and geographic proximity. Often a state
or locally run exchange would be more helpful for finding nearby
markets. Again, I think NRC could help identify waste exchanges for
a given location.

I hope this helps,

> Question -- Does anyone out there have any information on solid
> waste recycling. I am attempting to determine if an article in
> trade press about options for used banner material, i.e., banners
> that have been displayed and then thrown out. Do states have
> programs in place? is this a big issue for states -- the disposal
> of used printed materials?



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