Printech Archives, January 1997: Re: Solid waste questions

Re: Solid waste questions

Cathy Semer (
28 Jan 1997 10:26:33 -0500


Several questions re: recycling have recently come across this listserve...let
me weigh in on this question and say that opportunities for recovering
previously "difficult to recycle" materials such as poly-coated, foil coated,
waxed and other fiber are increasing. I am currently working on several
projects which are actively pursuing sources of poly-coated fiber for
recycling (one in Michigan, one on the east coast). Marci's question below
referred to banners, and i would guess if the banners are fiber-based, they
may be recyclable. Quite often, large banners are vinyl which is technically
recyclable (vinyl siding from houses for example is now frequently recycled).
If anyone has any further comments about recycling coated or other similar
paper materials, please contact me directly at
Cathy Semer



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