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Re: Wallpaper recycling

Wayne Pferdehirt (
Thu, 9 Jan 1997 09:43:59 CST

I am forwarding a response that I received from John Katers, a SHWEC
high-volume industrial recycling specialist at UW-Green Bay. Thanks


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I worked with Waldan Papers in Oshkosh on this exact issue. They were
able to segregate their waste paper into that which was coated with
adhesives and that which was not. Much of the waste was start-up
waste when they switched to new designs. They had a company that
recycled the non-coated paper, but not the coated paper.

Most mills would not be interested in this type of problem because of
the "stickies" that were mentioned in the previous e-mail message.
Stickies cause problem with the paper making process and cause sheet
defects which are not acceptable for high quality paper products.
Mills that manufacturer lower grades of paper products where visual
appearance is not as critical would be more likely to accept this type
of fiber. For example, a company that makes paper cores may be able
to incorporate some of this material. Companies may be more willing to
try these types of material when waste paper prices are high (more
competition for quality fiber). However, given the current prices of
paper across the country there is plenty of high quality fiber
available at relatively attractive prices. Therefore, the incentive
to examine alternative low-cost fibers is relatively small at this

Hope this helps.

John Katers

Wayne P. Pferdehirt, P.E., AICP



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