Printech Archives, November 1996: three technical questions...

three technical questions...

Wayne Pferdehirt (
Tue, 5 Nov 1996 08:05:01 CST

Forwarded from P2Tech. Looks like 3 good questions, that I hope
"Printechies" can help answer.

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From: Lois Epstein <>

In developing reasonably comprehensive printing procurement
specifications for the Environmental Defense Fund (which might be
distributed to other organizations upon request), the following three
questions have arisen:

1. Fountain solutions - Are there alternatives to isopropyl alcohol
that are not "glycol ethers" which have some toxicity concerns? What
are these alternatives and how widespread is their use?

2. Adhesives - Are water-based, non-chlorinated adhesives available
for all applications?

3. Ink composition - What colors of lithographic inks contain added
metals (heavy or non-heavy metals), and are there non-metal
alternatives to each of these colors? If you have documentation on
this issue, please fax it to me at 202 234-6049.

Thanks for your help.



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