Printech Archives, October 1996: Re: Acetone & Screen Printing

Re: Acetone & Screen Printing

Marci Kinter (
Thu, 10 Oct 1996 20:52:27 -0400

The answer is yes, screen printing facilities realize that acetone has
been delisted, however, it is still a listed solvent for hazardous waste
disposal. So, while they may be able to decrease, artificially I
believe, their VOC emissions, their hazardous waste output may increase.

I really believe that we need to look at a total process when determing
if a new chemical is useful.

Also, acetone is a safety and fire hazard, and many screen printers,
though it does flash off the screen nicely, would rather not use it
since it is extremly flammable.
Anything else, let me know.
Marci Kinter

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