Printech Archives, October 1996: Rotogravure sludge

Rotogravure sludge

Marvin Fleischman,(
Wed, 9 Oct 96 13:46:14 EDT

A company that we are working with generates a water based ink sludge
from rotogravure printing. This sludge is generated by filtration of the
wastewater from press cleanup. They are currently disposing of the sludge
as special waste in a landfill; 160 dms/yr. They cannot dump the ink
containing wash water to the POTW because the ink coagulates in the sewer
lines. The sludge is not a hazardous waste. Are there potential uses for
the sludge or alternative, cheaper disposal methods?
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Marvin Fleischman



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