Printech Archives, September 1996: Re: California VOC's

Re: California VOC's

George Frantz
Mon, 30 Sep 96 9:23:58 -24000

Re: Tom Herrod's question about aqueous press washes to replace mineral
spirits, the Massachusetts Printers Partnership (MP2) is moving people in
that direction because of the requirement (litho) that press washes conform
with either <30% VOC or <10 mmHg. A variety of approaches are being adopted,
and sopme of these are aqueous cleaners.

More info will be forthcoming in the next several months as we get feedback
from MP2 members (over 440 companies at last count) and how well their
substitute washes are working. Also, the new draft DfE blanket wash study
may shed some light.

George Frantz



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