Printech Archives, August 1996: Re: Inkjet Printing on PVC

Re: Inkjet Printing on PVC

Wayne Pferdehirt (
Tue, 20 Aug 1996 08:17:53 CST

Tim, My initial impression is that it would probably be difficult to
find a water-based ink that would dry quickly enough for the
high-speed application you mention. I suggest you contact either
Tom Estock ( 414/246-2082) or John Imes (414/246-2080) at QuadGraphics,
which does quite a bit of ink-jet printing and have a very
progressive P2 program. Please let Printech know if you find a
solution. -Wayne

> From: "Timothy J. Greiner" <>

> I was at a firm last week that is looking for an aqueous printing
> ink that would work on a high speed jet printer that prints bands
> and other marks on PVC insulation (which surrounds a wire core).
> The insulated wire moves through the printer at roughly 3,000 ft per
> minute so the ink must dry rather quickly.

Wayne P. Pferdehirt, P.E., AICP



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