Printech Archives, August 1996: Re: Modified method 24

Re: Modified method 24

Marci Kinter (
Tue, 06 Aug 1996 16:43:59 -0400

Okay, here is another wrinkle, real life situation, in the modified 24
scenario. It has been indicated that for non-ink VOC containing
materials, such as solvent cleaning products, method 24 is not the
preferred method, but one should do a gas chromatograph. If it contains
water an additional titration is required to determine water content.
Now, is this an acceptable method to use to determine VOC content and
report on MSDSs??

We have identical MSDSs from separate companies that list very different
VOC contents. Both products contain glycol ethers, for example,
however, VOC information indicates 0 based on US EPA, and 930 grams per
liter based on reporting requirements for a specific CA air district.

This does create problems. Any guidance or words of wisdom from US EPA
or other state agencies?
Marci Kinter



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