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Printech Archives, August 1996: Re: Modified method 24

Re: Modified method 24

Anthony Sasson (
Tue Aug 6 13:21:47 1996

I contacted our Division of Air Pollution Control here at Ohio EPA about the EPA modified method
24 issue and below is the response I got. If you like, you can call Bruce Weinberg, Ohio EPA, directly
at 614/644- 3595.

Anthony Sasson

From: Bruce Weinberg (BWEINBER)
Date: Tuesday, August 6, 1996 12:17 pm
Subject: Re: Modified method 24

Tony, the M24 discussion between M. Kinter and D. Salman seems to be related to the
printing/publishing industry concerns raised prior to the issuance of the final NESHAP rule for this
industry. The final rule was issued and became effective on May 30, 1996. This rule and M24 provide
for the use of an alternative procedure, if the owner/operator can demonstrate to the Administrator
that the volatile content of the material(s) can not be determined using M24 or M24A. The "cleaner"
discussed in D. Salman's mail would seem to be a good candidate for an alternative or modified technique
if the spreading solvent caused an interference. I contacted Candace Sorrel, USEPA/Emission
Measurement Branch (919-541-1064), and she indicated that they were only working on a modification
to M24 to address high water content materials. The DAPC has addressed M24 issues related to high
water content coatings and where the use of M24 results, in conjunction with production data, yield a
potential to emit which is much greater than a unit's actual emission rate. Let me know if you need
additional information.



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