Printech Archives, August 1996: Screen Printing Ink

Screen Printing Ink

Marci Kinter

Fri Aug 2 10:45:50 1996

The following message is forwarded from Kirk Nofzinger

We are working with a screen printer located within a municipality's well head
protection area. The municipality's well head protection ordinance limits the
amount of "hazardous chemical" new businesses can have on their premises to
160 pounds or 20 gallons. A "hazardous chemical" is defined very broadly as
any chemical with an actual or potential health hazard listed on its MSDS sheet.

Currently the printer is over the 160 pound limits. The screen printer prints
textiles with plastisol inks. Ink is by far the largest contributor to the printer being
over the "hazardous chemicals" limit.


Are there textile inks available that are not "hazardous chemical" as defined
Are there are any other methods, tools, or systems the printer could use to
reduce the amount of ink they need to have on their premises?

Kirk Nofzinger



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