Printech Archives, July 1996: Printer Towels

Printer Towels

Thu, 25 Jul 96 12:40:00 -0500

A company named "American Print Towel", also operating under seven
different company names including American Dry Cleaning, EnviroClean
Towel, U.S.Towel, has been SHUT down by the Indiana Office of Attorney

The company, operating in Indianapolis, IN, provides printer wiper
cleaning services throughout several Midwestern states.

The Motion and complaint filed Monday, 7-22-96, alleges several
environmental issues, including... discharging perc to sewers; burying
spilled perc under concrete paving; accepting drummed hazardous wastes
(liquid and solid) without a RCRA TSD permit; tampering with wastewater
discharge sampling devices; perjury; conspiracy; and a few other

It is likely that many printers in the region have been using this
company without even knowing it. Several of the large commercial
laundry companies that rent printer wipes use American Print Towel.

The formal complaint and motions are 49 pages long. If anyone wants a
copy, contact me.

Tom Herod
Compliance Technologies



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