Printech Archives, July 1996: Reusable towel specifications

Reusable towel specifications

Wayne Pferdehirt (
Wed, 3 Jul 1996 07:23:14 CST

I thought some folks might be interested in this note from P2tech.

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A few weeks ago there was correspondence on the use of rags for
solvent wiping operations. I promised to get back with a
specification that one air force facility uses. Apparently, they get
excellent use from these rags and can recycle them.

Rags must be:

1. Made from Jersey/interlock knit
2. 100% cotton knit, white
3. 7 .5 oz - 9 oz per linear yd
4. Washed
5. Lint processed (reduced lint in product)
6. Contain no dyes or foreign particles
7. High in absorbency
8. Size Min. 20" x 24"
Max. 24" x 30"
9. 2 year period of performance

Ron Joseph

Wayne P. Pferdehirt, P.E., AICP



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