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Debra Kramer (
Thu, 20 Jun 96 14:34:00 PDT

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Regarding your request for information for the screen printer.

First, is the printer producing banners made of nylon or jackets. There is
a difference. If he/she is doing banners, then he/she is stuck with their
current ink due to the thinness of the substrate.

Flags - Usually placed outside. So they have to be resistent to UV and
other environmental elements. This company is in the process of dealing with some fabric that was not
resistant to enviro elements. Even though the fabric supplier was ultimately
responsible they are the ones having to take back flags that faded very quickly.
They certainly don't want to deal with that type of issue related to inks.

However, if they are printing on jackets, there is an ink produced by
International Coatings Co., 13929 Easte 166th Street, Cerritos, CA,
90702-7666, Ph: 310-926-0747, Fax 310-926-9486, their 1900 Series. This is
a plastisol formulated specifically for nylon jackets.

Regarding your question on waste inks -- yes they can be mixed as long as
there are no white or yellow pigments in the inks.

Can they mix various shades containing yellow and white pigments to make "house colors"?

Screen printing ink containers fall under the empty container rule, and to
the best of my knowledge can be recycled.
Marci Kinter

Deb Kramer



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