Re: Screen Questions
Tue, 18 Jun 96 12:14:00 PDT

In response to your question, suggest you contact Marci Kinter at the
Screen & Graphic Imaging Assn Intnl for the most definitive answer.
However, there are a few issues I'll attempt.

An important requirement might be to demonstrate your commitment to
helping their printer achieve the highest quality job while simultaneously pushing for best environmental result.

First question on inks and SARA reportables relates to quantity; are
the reportable materials in reportable quantities? If so, you must
have one big screen printer. Also, switching to H20 base inks does
NOT imply getting rid of the "nasties." It simply means using H20 as
the vehicle for the pigments (etc) instead of solvent. There is
generally a fairly siazble reduction in VOCs when switching from
solvent to H20 base inks.

On the recyclability of the inks, I don't believe they recycle the
same way as non-heatset offset (blend to make black). H20 base inks
are recyclable to some extent, but this is the kind of info you'd get
best from SGIA. Contact Marci Kinter at: []

On containers, empty containers should generally be recyclable, or for
larger quantity containers, returnable to the ink manufacturer.



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