Re: color testing for printers

Debra Kramer (
Mon, 17 Jun 96 11:02:00 PDT

Yes, there is a flip-chart called Ishehara Test (sp?) where the employee who
is being tested is shown colored dots. The employee who is color blind will
not be able to see the number within the dots. I don't know of any printers
that test for color blindness in their employees, but here's some info on
the tests and where to get the equipment.

These charts are distributed by Dispensers Optical Service Corporation in
Louisville, KY 800/626-4545. These flip charts are $179.95 for 10 plates or
$249.95 for 24 plates.
Titmus Corporation manufactures the charts and can send more information,
but they must be purchased by the above distributor. Their number is
800/446-1802 - contact Judy or Debbie at ext 267.

There is electronic equipment available, but I'm sure it is exponentially
more expensive.


Is there a standard color testing procedure for employees to determine if
they are color blind or if they can discern colors? A printer wants to
document their procedures for an ISO certification and wondered what others



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