Re: Industrial Laundries-Rags
Thu, 13 Jun 1996 08:56:01 +0400 (EDT)


With regard to the reference to the specified use of "shop-towels" by an
air force base, it is or at least was a common practice as spelled out
by most technical-orders issued in the service.

Within most maintenance shops on base as well as the flight line ground
crews, the shop-towels needed to be recyclable, and allow for a specific
amount of absorbency. In order to ensure that the specified shop-towels
were to be used properly, the technical-orders would outline exact
procedures to be followed to get the most out of each shop-towel.

Periodic wringing - confined storage - temperature control of the storage
- type of storage containers - segregation of substances and
shop-towels -etc.

The strict procedures were implemented to conform with extremely tight
budgets within units.

Rick Hartwig



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