toner cartridge carbon recycling

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Mon, 10 Jun 1996 08:00:35 CST

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Re: Toner Cartridge Carbon Recycling

You May want to contact Ribbon Jet Tek. This company is not a
recycler but supplies information and equipment on recycling printer
ribbons, ink jet cartridges and some Laser Jet toner cartridges.
They encourage any comments/questions you may have. They also have a
homepage setup.

Ribbon Jet Tek
2725 Ore Mill Drive
Suite C-24
Colorado Springs, CO 80904
Technical Assistance: 1-719-578-0506
Homepage: <>

Art Coleman

*** From: "Gregory J. Lutchko" ("P2TECH-OWNER@CEDAR.CIC.NET")
To: Date: Wednesday, June 5, 1996 7:24 am

Does anyone know of a beneficial secondary use for spent toner
cartridge powder. I have been told that it contains carbon, iron, and
a binder. We have a local refiller of toner cartridges that is
looking for a way to recycle this material. Any leads would be
greatly appreciated. Thanks!



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