Articles for Flexographers

Mon, 03 Jun 1996 12:19:04 -0400

Would anyone like to write an environmentally focused article for the flexo
industry? New technologies, processes, case studies, assistance programs ...

As the new Environmental Specialist at the Flexographic Technical
Association, among a myriad of other things, I'm responsible for an
environmental newsletter and in Flexo magazine, a column and article. The
newsletter reaches about 1,600 member companies while Flexo reaches about
10,000 subscribers. Both are published monthly.

Guest writers are welcome in both the newsletter and Flexo. If you would
like to submit an article, please contact me.

Doreen M. Monteleone
Flexographic Technical Association
(516)737-6813 FAX

Also, remember to let me know about upcoming events such as seminars or
conferences that apply to flexo companies. They can be posted in the

Finally, let me know if anything relevant is happening in your state such as
a new assistance program, amnesty or changes in regs.





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