Re: Shop Towel Info Needed

Mon, 03 Jun 1996 12:01:32 -0400


You enquired about the fate of cleaning solvents from reusable shop
towels that may be released during laundering. As part of two Design
for the Environment (DfE) projects we estimated potential releases to
water bodies through laundering and POTW treatment for solvent laden
shop towels.

In the Screen Printing Project, releases were modeled for shop towels
used during screen reclamation for a variety of reclamation methods.
These models were based on use levels in small screen printing shops.
On the whole our concerns were low or negligible. To see the estimates
and the results you will need the full technical report - Cleaner
Technologies Substitutes Assessment (CTSA) for Screen Printing.

As part of the DfE Lithography Project we also modeled potential
releases to water via laundering and treatment through a POTW, this time
for 37 different blanket wash formulations. Again, focusing on the use
levels of the smallest shops. According to our draft estimates, two
chemical classes were found to pose a potential concern from this use.
The draft technical report (CTSA) is planned for release in July,
however I would be happy to give you more details if you contact me.

If you, or anyone else, have any questions, please contact me.




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