Re: Shop Towel Info Needed

Scott Schuler (
Fri, 31 May 1996 12:07:19 -0400

Minnesota has had a shop towel policy in effect for the last 6 years. Please
contact Nancy Ellefson at for a copy of the
current policy. Some people seem to think that regulatory authorities do not
require towels to be wrung out prior to laundering. This is certainly not
the case in Minnesota. Shop towels must be wrung out prior to washing or
they must be managed, transported, and disposed of as a hazardous waste.

Also, if anyone has any scientific data on the ultimate fate of the solvents
that do end up in the wastewater, I would be interested in seeing it. For
example, of the volume of solvent entering the wastewater stream, what
percentage is volatilized in the sewer system versus at the treatment plant,
what percentage is biologically consumed, and what percentage is discharged
to a surface water body.

Also, if anyone has any case studies, cost benefit analyses or life cycle
analyses comparing the environmental impacts of commercial water washing of
printer shop towels versus the so-called "better way", namely industrial dry
cleaning using petroleum solvents, I would like a copy.

Scott Schuler



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