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Please let me know too if anyone is aware of a single source of current
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I have the May 1986 Edition of "Hazard and Safety Information"
which is a compilation of Material Safety Data Sheets for the
printing/graphics arts industry. It is blue and over an inch thick.
It has all the MSDS sheets for all the printing products of over 50
I would like to know about updates to this book, but there is no
copyright or publisher information inside. There is nothing that
identifies who put the book together except for a GATF advertisement.
It does say in the book that the authors did not attempt to provide
this book in electronic form because of the variety of formats used by
each company, so they simply photocopied each sheet.
If anybody knows how to get one stop source for all the MSDS
sheets used in the printing/graphics arts industry, please let me

Robert James Townley vice president UNO Association for Computing
5216 Cass Omaha, Nebraska (USA) 402-551-0241

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