fountain solutions

Wed, 15 May 1996 10:11:45 EST

Hi! I'm looking for an alternative fountain solution for an off-set
lithographic press (a Harris L-125C with a 19" x 25" roller) that
currently uses IPA. We're trying to find a substitute that does not
contain high VOCs (of course) and ideally doesn't have a high
concentration of glycol ether. So far we've come across a water-based
system called Compac-2 -- it's an equipment upgrade for the press
that allows use of a fountain solution with only .53 VOC/gal. The
solution has a very low concentration of glycol ethers. Has anyone
evaluated Compac-2's performance? Any ideas either for drop-in
fountain solution replacements or water-based equipment upgrades
would be appreciated. 
Dina Li



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