Re: Varnish Substitute : International Request

Matt Kaarlela (
Tue, 7 May 1996 12:14:15 -0500

>I would really appreciate any helpful hints for substitutes of acrylic
&>varnish used in offset printing industry. I would also like some
>information about wastewater treatment, perhaps membranes technology?,
>for emulsions of water and acrylic varnishes.
> >Esther Monfa

I can't help with the varnish question but I do have some good contacts for
wastewater treatment. I am not sure whether you are looking at membranes for
waste treatment or press water treatment so I will give you 2 good resources

1. Prisco Printer's Service is a Mansfield, TX maker of water treatment
units for the press. Many printers in my area use their products. Ask for
Keefe Aldstadt if he is available (800) 338-2241 or (817) 477-4770

2. Micronic, Inc is a Portsmouth, NH manufacturer of custom membranes for
filter presses, etc. I used their products on a water treatment system I
managed for a printing company and was very happy with them.
Ask for Peter Kristo if he is available (603) 433-1299



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