Re: common solvents

Debra Kramer (
Mon, 29 Apr 96 12:44:00 PDT


Marci / Tom,

In Illinois disposable sorbent products and rags are considered a solid
waste (regulated) and also meet the definition of a "special waste" due to
being an industrial process waste. They may also be considered a
characteristically hazardous waste. If the rags/sorbent materials are
disposed of they must be manifested according to IEPA Administrative Code if
they generate greater than 100 Kg/month*.

Rags and sorbent products which are laundered are not considered a solid
waste because they are not being abandoned or recycled and are not
waste-like. Since laundered towels do not meet the definition of a solid
waste in Illinois, they are not considered a regulated waste.

Note: Many laundry facilities will place restrictions on their (printer)
customers to remove
the solvents, etc due to waste water discharge problems they encounter
at their




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