Rotary Screen Printing

Wayne Pferdehirt (
Sun, 28 Apr 1996 20:07:16 CST

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Does anyone have experience with textile plants that print fabric with
rotary screen printing machinery? I have a couple of questions: 1.
The stainless screens used are expensive, about $200. When the
pattern is no longer needed, the screens have to be cleared of all
fixed emulsion. The chemicals textile plants in Egypt are using to
remove fixed emulsion are real nasty: methylene chloride, formic acid,
chromic acid, and hydroflouric acid. I heard that hot sodium hydroxide
might work. Does anyone know of a facility using hot NaOH to remove
fixed emulsion? I know that modern systems use laser-fixed and
laser-removable emulsion, but these places cannot come up with the
$500,000 for such systems ($5,000 in their dreams maybe).

2. Does anyone know where I could get MSDSs for the inks used in
rotary screen printing on textiles? I am particularly interested in
whether or not they contain any metal chromophores. (There is one
MSDS in Egypt. It's for embalming fluid and it is in a glass case at
the pyramid museum.)

Bill Bilkovich, EQC



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