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A company in Mass. uses ethylene glycol monobutyl ether as a component
of water base pigmented acrylic coatings applied to aluminum and paper
substrates. The glycol ether smoothes and coalesces the coating between
application and drying. The application process is gravure coating
(two rolls with a doctor blade). As more glycol ether is added to the
coating, there is an improvement in visual appearance of the coating
up to a limit. The company currently uses up to 5% glycol ether and 3%
IPA in coatings that they mix on- site before application. The company
has been looking for a relatively non- regulated glycol ether
substitute, but no acceptable substitutes have been identified. A few
have been evaluated, but have failed initial evaluation tests. A
successful substitute must produce the same visual appearance as
coatings with glycol additive. Sources of information on potential
substitutes have included vendors and trade literature.

Does anyone have contacts or information relating to this

Alan Buckley
Mass Office of Technical Assistance
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