Re: Litho-Related Chemicals (forwarded message)

Tue, 20 Feb 1996 09:45:35 -0500


This not is in response to your request for information regarding the
chemicals used in lithography.

As part of EPA's Design for the Environment Program, we put together a
document entitled Industry and Use Cluster Profile of the Printing industry.
Each segment of the industry is described, lithography, flexography,
screen printing etc. The descriptions include market information, sales
information, a detailed description of the actual production process and
a list of the major chemicals used in each part of the process.

You can get a copy of this document by contacting:

Pollution Prevention Information Clearinghouse (PPIC)
fax: 202/260-0178

The document number for this document is EPA 744-R-94-003. Several
other DfE documents related to the printing industry are also available
through PPIC. You might also be interested in a document entitled Federal
Environmental Regulations Potentially Affecting the Commercial Printing
Industry (EPA 744B-94-001).

Jed Meline



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