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Mon, 12 Feb 96 15:35:00 -0500

Bill, Dave, Marci.....

More on the centrifuging issue. Similar experiences to the Minneapolis
story were felt in Nevada, encouraging the State to remove the shop
towel laundering "exemption" from RCRA. As a result, printrs and others
had great difficulty finding commercial laundries that were licensed TSD
Facilities (there are none). Nevada eventually loosened their rules,
yet imposed wringing or similar fluid removal requirements on printers.
(Not necessarily centrifuging).

It remains a practise throughout the printing and allied trades to
simply pour excess unwanted solvent, sometimes white gasoline, into the
printer towel container, as their disposal option of choice. The
commercial laundries responded by supplying false bottom drums, which
helps no one particularly relative to occupational exposure and storag
of volatile flammables.

Have commercial laundries improved in their ability to restrict
volatiles from entering their wastewater streams ? I'm not convinced.
In fact, in Syracuse NY the sampling technician from the local POTW was
overcome by vapors during his recent sampling visit. POTW suggested
that 80% of the volatile organics created an air quality issue, while
the remaining 20% entered the wastewater stream.

This condition is so common that the State of Vermont issueda Fact Sheet
to users of rented towels requiring towels that are contaminated with
anything other than simple oils to be sent to a petroleum-solvent DRY
CLEANER..... NOT a water-washing laundry !

Others States may follow.

Tom Herod



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