Re: Solvent-laden rag transport

Fri, 09 Feb 96 16:35:00 -0500

Walker Towel in Kansas City is also using a centrifuge - or requiring
printers to - not out of any wonderful sense of environmental
responsibility, but to meet the demands of the POTW they discharge to.

It has been my opinion that a strong preference should be directed to
petroleum-solvent dry cleaning as an alternative to water-washing

One (and only one) industrial dry cleaner has gone the next step and
installed fractional distillation columns (mini refineries) at their dry
cleaning plants to re-refine both their dry cleaning fluid (mineral
spirits) and the fluids removed from the towels. They can package these
refined fluids as low grade cleaning solvents, rather than dispose as
hazardous wastes. (Brent Industries, Inc. - one of my clients).

Incidentally, of the seven commercial laundries I have audited
nationally, Brent is the only one that I found following DOT HMR
regulations for packaging, labeling, marking, and transport of
Hazardous Materials. DOT recently added new categories to the HMR that
more precisely fit ignitable towels..... solids, containing ignitable
liquids, N.O.S.

Tom Herod



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