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George Frantz (
Wed, 7 Feb 96 16:11:05 EST

Matt, your questions are good, but I doubt you'll find much of an authoritative answer to many of them, based on difference of perspective.

Recycled paper - probably get the best reasonable estimate from some of the
larger recycled paper manufacturers, e.g., Cross Pointe, Eastern, etc. They
could tell you the % increase in sales of recycled  stock. As to actual on-press
usage, that would be tough.

Soy vs. petroleum base inks - again, the soy institute might give some
interesting numbers, although they're not a neutral observer. Don't know if
PIA, NAPL or GATF might have any reasonable estimates, but try.

Waste ink per parameter - another tough question. You might be able to get
tons of waste ink by extrapolating from haz/waste biennial reports or TRI
data. Establishing a unit of product that's acceptable across the industry
is difficult. We tried to do it for companies we work with, figuring out a
toxic byproduct reduction index (BRI), but no two printers could agree on a
unit of output; is it pounds of printing, millions of square feet of paper,
actual number of pieces? How many colors, % coverage etc? Dollar value of
product was suggested but is too variable for any dependable reference.

Regarding % of printers in what print sector, PIA and NAPL can provide
segment populations based on number of facilities. In MA, our best estimates
are litho = 64%, Screen = 13%, Flexo = 11%, Gravure = 7% and letterpress =
<5%. The Printing Industry Sector Notebook (EPA) uses value of shipments as
an indicator.

Good luck on your research. 



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