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Daniel A. Boehm (
Mon, 29 Jan 1996 08:30:22 CST


SHWEC prepared a fact sheet on the subject of reducing, reusing and recycling ink waste.
We identified two companies that recycle sheetfed, and/or web heatset/non-heatset inks:

Envirecycle Ink Recovery
Bloomington, MN
(contact Dave Erickson at 612/854-5630)
Serve: entire U.S., and central/western Canada, ink is recycled at

3R Corporation
Pittsburgh, PA
(contact Katie Jones 412/323-1733)
Serve: entire U.S., ink is recycled at 3R Corporation

We also identified two additional companies that only recycle web
heatset and non-heatset inks (no sheetfed):

MRS (as mentioned in an earlier response as MRS/The Ink Company)
West Sacramento, CA
(contact Greg Pope 713/621-1874)
Serve: entire U.S., ink is recycled in trucks at the printing plant.

Pro Active Recycling
Owen Sound, Ontario - Canada
(contact Bert Wakeford 519/371-6511)
Serve: Canada, and eastern/central U.S., ink is recycled in trucks
at the printing plant.

You may also want to check local printing supply companies for
software that keeps an inventory of a printshop's ink and then derives
a recipe for producing colored or black inks based on mixing excess
inks in the existing inventory.




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