Re: Acetone as image remover

George Frantz (
Mon, 22 Jan 96 10:14:46 EST

Re: replacement of acetone... what is the interest in replacing acetone for
this process? Granted, acetone is quite flammable andf has all of those
hazards associated with its use. However, it has also been de-listed
federally as both a VOC and a SARA-reportable substance. Therefore, from the
user's perspective, it already looks like a pretty good substitute.

Second, the quantity used for image remover is tiny. Being applied with a
Q-tip is the tip-off. It is comon practice to use image remover to delete
minor mistakes on the plate, instead of scrapping the plate, but the total
image remover used in a year at any shop would generally be less than 1 Qt.

Hope this helps. Further discussion, info?

George Frantz 



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