Re: Disposal of used fountain solution

George Frantz (
Wed, 6 Dec 95 10:49:35 EST

Response to Dave Salman's question on fountain solution disposal...

In the Mass Printers Partnership (MP-2), we provided the following guidance:

If it's disposal to a septic system, the answer is "no", as no industrial
chemicals may be disposed to a subsurface system because of groundwater

If it's going to a POTW:
Last year Mass Water Resources Authority (MWRA), which is the metro Boston
POTW, worked out the scope of a General Permit for offset litho and photo
finishers. In the offset portion, based on extensive surveys of printing
permit holders, their guidance was that it was okay to dispose if you
generate < 55 gal/mo. If you generate > 55 gal/mo, written authorization was
required to discharge the spent fountain solution after an analysis of the
mixture. Of those who requested such permission, all met the criteria and
were approved.

Guidance for the MP-2 is similar, i.e., sets this as a general rule, but also
requires that they determine that the spent fountain solution is not a
hazardous waste. In addition, our workbook contains the reminder that if the
local POTW's rule are more stringent, the local would have to be followed.

MP2 documents will be finalized soon, and we will be happy to provide a copy
to anyone who submits a written, faxed or electronic request.

George Frantz Massachusetts Office of Technical Assistance



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