Re: ECF/TCF Paper

Tom Estock (
04 Dec 1995 19:59:45 GMT


The Business for Social Responsibility Education Fund prepared two papers
related to ECF/TCF paper.
The first deals with cutting costs and emissions in the paper, printing and
publishing supply chain. It was a briefing paper for the BSREF Business
Roundtable "Greening the Supply Chain in the Paper, Printing and Publishing
Industries" that was held this past June 6 in New York City. It gives a
really good synopsis of the roles of all the major stakeholders in the
industry in terms of cutting costs and emissions.

The other paper is entitled "Issues surrounding chlorine usage in the paper
making process." It too, was presented at the BSREF Business Roundtable. It
begins with how chlorine and related compounds are used in the papermaking
process, outlines the viewpoints held by the scientific community, chemical,
forestry and paper industries, international commissions, environmental
advocacy organizations and the EPA. The paper ends with the alternatives
that are currently available to paper buyers and with possible next steps.

If you would like copies of either of these or both, let me know.


Tom E.



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