P2 assesment for offset litho

Marvin Fleischman (M0FLEI01@ulkyvm.louisville.edu)
Fri, 01 Dec 95 14:48:48 EST

We have some questions regarding specific wastes for an assessment being
done at a sheet fed offset printer,
and seek your help or information on various P2 possibilities:
1) Can the various plastic sheets (mylar, vinyl, etc.) used in making
proofs and for protecting proofs in pre-processing, be reused or recycled?
2) Various empty plastic containers for photoprocessing and plate development
chemicals are being trashed. Can they be recycled & where?
3) Are there on-site or mobile units for reusing waste ink from air dried
sheet fed offset printing?
4) Can waste ink be reused in processes such as asphalt manufacturing, rather
than going to a fuels program or reblending into black ink?
5)How can skinning of ink in the can be eliminated or reduced?
6)What methods can be used to extend the life of recirculating fountain
solution, e.g., filtration?
7)What would be required to reuse the rinse water from an aqueous based
plate developer?
Thank you,
Marvin Fleischman



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