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Re: ink skinning\

Wayne Pferdehirt (
Wed, 22 Nov 1995 15:44:00 CST


Following up on my earlier note:

I'll assume you will be forwarding any responses on this to

Date: Wed, 22 Nov 95 14:00:27 CST
From: Gary Miller <>
Subject: ink skinning\

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Thanks for the quick responses regarding ink
skinning. In regards to this subject, some ink waste is
inevitable. When skinning occurs can the skins be
reversed back to ink. We think we know of a recycler
that can reblend ink waste into black ink, but would
like to know of anyone else in the business. Again, this
is offset ink which recyclers avoid reblending due to it
containing drying agents. Also, a couple of you
mentioned anti-skinning agents. We know of one
called "Economist" that some printers use. Does anyone
have information regarding this product or other products
that prevent and/or reduce skinning? Does anyone have
documented case studies on waste min. and savings
incurred as a result of implementing a procedure that
promotes anti-skinning? Sorry about the number of
questions so close to the holiday

Thanks in advance Brian Leonhard UofL IAC

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