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Wayne Pferdehirt (PFERDEHI@epd.engr.wisc.edu)
Mon, 13 Nov 1995 16:01:48 CST

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Sasson, of Ohio EPA. ***

This message was forwarded by Wayne Pferdehirt.

Recently a small printer from eastern Ohio asked about UV
curable inks. While he is familiar with the use of UV, he is
very skeptical about using this option because of the hazards
to operating personnel from uncured inks and their
sometimes serious skin irritation problems. He would like
information to see if anyone has solved this problem. He is
concerned that vendors are pushing this option without
regard for the disadvantages. This particular printer works
on flexible substrates, mostly plastic films, manufacturing
labels, decals, nameplates, etc.

How do you ensure there is no uncured UV ink to cause this
problem, or are there UV inks on the market or being
developed that have eliminated this problem?

Bonus points: While we're at it, besides the skin irriation
problem, have the following been solved re: UV?

1. Cost (UV can cost a lot more than heat-set) 2. Ozone
formation 3. De-inking for recycling the paper printed with
UV ink (I think this one is close to being solved, if not there,
correct?) 4. Toxics in the UV ink

Anthony Sasson Ohio EPA,



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