Small Screen Printer Exemption Language

Frank Salat (
Fri, 10 Nov 1995 10:33:33 -0600

Info only: talked yesterday with industry rep and manufacturer. Since
we are on a bit of a short fuse here, we put together the following
words: "Screen printing operations requiring temperatures greater than
194 degrees F (90 degrees C) to set the ink are exempt from the
conditions in para. (d) above [pertaining to temperatures no greater than
194 degrees....]."

These words were arrived at with consideration that the inks used in
this sort of process are very low in VOC content, and that there is a
difference in "drying" the ink, which is precluded, and "setting" the ink
[which means a chemical process is required to occur in order for the
production process to be completed]. Thanks to all for the help!



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