Screen Printer Permitting

Frank Salat (
Wed, 08 Nov 1995 17:01:51 -0600

We are trying to devise language that will exempt from the air permitting
process in Texas, SMALL screen printers that produce T-shirts, baseball
caps and other such items. Can anyone out there, perhaps someone
who has crossed this bridge already, suggest language to accomplish
this in a regulatort vein? We are wrestling with, "...small screen printing
operations producing primarily T-shirts, baseball caps and the like who
emit no more than one ton (2, 3...?) of VOCs per year are exempt from
the requirements of....;" "...small screen printing operations who use
temperatures no higher than ??? during the drying or transfer
process....;" "...small screen printing operations whose printing materials
do not exceed ??? of VOC per pound (?)....," etc. Any ideas will be
greatly appreciated.

Frank Salat, 



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