Re: solvent recycling

Tom Estock
07 Nov 1995 20:42:57 GMT

We are currently testing the Baldwin Impact system at our Hartford facility.
It is impregnated with an ultra-low 3% VOC
wash. It also has a crawl feature that enables cleaning of the plates with
or without paper in the press, thus cutting manual
washing by 90%. As stated before, it is being tested right now, so
documented figures to come.

We centrifuge all of the rags used on press in our Pewaukee and Sussex
facilities. Last year we extracted 65,000 pounds
of blanket wash that was sent for recycling for use in parts washers. If you
need the specifics on the model, cost and
savings, I can get that for you as well.

We are also developing an Ink Jet Solvent Recovery System with our
subsidiary, Quad/Tech. Ink jet printing is the fastest
growing segment of the printing industry. This system captures ambient
emissions from the ink jet material, which is primarily Methyl Ethyl Ketone,
condenses the vapor back to liquid and re-uses it
again in the process. Ink jet material is liquid
gold-on average of $12-15/quart. This system will capture between 80-90% of
all vapors and will reduce our usage by a
minimum of 50%. We are looking at an annual savings of 6,900 gallons of MEK
and over $500,000.

Tom Estock



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