Silver Recovery
Thu, 02 Nov 95 15:06:31 -0500


The following letter was received in our office from Jaime Baythelman, Director, CIDAL S.A. in Santiago, Chile:

"We want to recover silver from radiographies and film scraps. We dispose of about 4.000 kg of waste monthly.

We need information on proper procedures and technologies for recovering silver, recovery equipment and guides with the names of manufacturers and vendors of equipment for silver recycling.

We would be most interested in any information about silver or other metal's recovery
systems that you might be able to send us and all necessary units or other tools. In
this case we would welcome detailed information on sources or suppliers".

If you have information: sources, vendors, websites, or anything more specific, please let me know through the technet or at my e-mail address below and I will get the information back to Jaime.

Thanks for any Help.

Lisa Harrington



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