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From: Wayne Pferdehirt (
Date: Tue Apr 04 2000 - 17:56:38 CDT

FYI. I thought some Printech users might be interested in this announcement.

>Comprehensive Environmental Paper Listing Imminent
>As many of you know, Conservatree as a company was the catalyst for
>developing the recycled printing and writing paper market in North America,
>making recycled paper for the first time into an independently identifiable
>product with quality and quantities appropriate for printers and major
>buyers. In addition to introducing recycled paper for the first time into
>many grades, the company also published a much-requested annual list of all
>the environmental papers available.
>Since I had been closely connected to the company since 1985, when it closed
>two years ago I converted its education and advocacy mission into a nonprofit
>organization. With recycled paper having dropped from 10% of the printing
>and writing paper market in the early 1990s to 6-7% of the market in most
>today - meaning that more than 90% of today's printing and writing paper is
>STILL virgin paper - there is still much to do. Conservatree, as a nonprofit
>organization, is now dedicated to providing the information purchasers need
>to buy environmental papers, as well as the strategies and answers that
>advocates need to conduct successful campaigns around recycled and other
>environmental papers. We no longer sell paper. I have been fundraising since
>then to put our plans into action.
>So I am delighted to let you know that we have recently been approved for
>funding to research, update and expand our Environmentally Sound Paper
>Listing of all the environmental papers available in North America -
>recycled, tree free, chlorine free and other environmental characteristics,
>covering both domestic and imported papers. We expect to list more than 500
>papers, including the whole range of printing and writing grades as well as
>newsprint. The list should be up on our website by July, if not earlier,
>available to all at no cost.
>I'll notify you when the list is available. But I wanted to let you know now
>that the list is imminent because it makes this a good time to start
>planning buy-recycled-paper campaigns, perhaps for the fall, perhaps for
>Recycles Day.
>Before, campaigns often got stymied when people asked the first
>logical questions, "What's available, where do I get it, and how can I
>afford it?" Now that information will be available.
>We have also developed technical assistance partnerships with several
>organizations such as the Independent Press Association, Co-op America, and
>the newly revived ReThink Paper (under Jeanne Trombly, of Fiber Futures) to
>work hands-on with magazine publishers and other major purchasers in
>converting to environmental papers. We would be glad to develop partnerships
>with other outreach and implementation organizations (including governments)
>as well.
>Please let us know about plans for environmental paper campaigns in which
>this Environmentally Sound Paper Listing will be helpful. Thanks!
>Susan Kinsella
>Executive Director
>100 Second Avenue
>San Francisco, CA 94118

Wayne P. Pferdehirt
Director, MEPP,
Co-Director, PNEAC
Specialist, SHWEC,
tel 608.265.2361
fax 608.262.6250

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