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Re: Env benefit of waterless printing

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From: Jeff Adrian (
Date: Fri Mar 31 2000 - 14:28:09 CST

                      Re: Env benefit of waterless printing 3/31/00
Wayne: Wish I could provide you with hard numbers on energy usage but I'm afraid
we never took the step to actually measure this energy consumption. As to
platemeking chemistries, it is again a case of "it depends". We have just
discontinued use of yet another solvent-based plate processor for traditional
lithographic plates (even though we had recycled the used processing chemicals
back to the manaufacturer). We are attempting to utilize only the most benign
chemistry-plate systems we can find.

I am not aware of a specific comparative studies. Such a comparative study might
be very interesting to review if one were found to exist.

Jeff Adrian
Director, Environment & Safety
The John Roberts Company

Wayne Pferdehirt wrote:
>Jeff (and others):
>I have heard the same from other sources but have not to date seen specific >comparisons. Do you have any of your own info, or know of analyses by >others, comparing platemaking chemistries and relative energy costs for >waterless compared to traditional litho?
>At 08:15 AM 3/30/00 -0600, you wrote:
>>Not surprisingly, there are several tradeoffs involved in using waterless >>printing to address environmental concerns. Among them are: 1) energy >>usage for cooling press cylinders (that effectively replaces fountain >>solution in traditional lithography), and 2) the hazardous nature of >>chemistry to process the printing plates used in waterless printing.
>Wayne P. Pferdehirt
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>Co-Director, PNEAC
>Specialist, SHWEC,
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