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From: Wayne Pferdehirt (
Date: Thu Mar 02 2000 - 21:20:31 CST

Would appreciate any further information on recycling/disposal of toner.

>Date: Thu, 02 Mar 2000 16:03:24 -0600
>From: Wayne Pferdehirt <>
>Subject: Re: Spent toner
>A couple of thoughts on this one. It would be good to direct them to the
>Xerox Environmental, Health and Safety Web site at:
>Note that they have info on cartridge and toner recycling. They also have
>Material Safety Data Sheets available by product.
>I will also forward your question to the Printech listserv to see if
>Printechies have any further comments/suggestions. The PNEAC Web site has
>several messages in the Printech archives re. recycling of toner
>cartridges, but not much on recycling/disposal of toner.
>At 03:27 PM 3/2/00 -0600, you wrote:
>>Hi SHWEC: today I was asked a question that I couldn't answer, and hope
>>someone can help. I know that used toner cartridges can be
>>remanufacturered, recycled, etc. But what should be done with used toner?
>>One of the county offices in Winnebago County asked their county s.w. office
>>what should be done with the toner. One vendor told them it can be
>>landfilled. But someone from DNR (it might have been Diane Hammil?) said
>>that the chemical makeup of toner is different and needs to be tested
>>(TCLP??) on an individual basis to make sure it isn't hazardous. How can I
>>find the answer?
>>Mary Kohrell
>>Solid and Hazardous Waste Education Center
>>UW Green Bay, ES 317
>>Green Bay, WI 54311
>>920-465-2707 v
>>920-465-2143 f

Wayne P. Pferdehirt
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